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Who We Are

Introducing PAKT3D - Specialists in high speed and volume 3D printing!

Our expert team of engineers and professionals bring a wealth of experience in additive manufacturing, design and production to the table, allowing us to produce unrivaled 3D printing solutions that deliver high speed, high accuracy, and high volumes.

Our Mission

At PAKT3D, our mission is to revolutionise the way businesses use 3D parts.

Our 3D printing capabilities are designed to help businesses improve quality, reduce lead-times, and ultimately cut costs for development and production parts. With high speed and volume capabilities, we are able to create parts from a variety of materials, whether it's for prototyping or mass production. 

Core Values


We centre on a commitment to quality and innovation. We are dedicated to using the latest technology and materials to provide the highest quality 3D Printing services.


Our team will ensure the utmost transparency at all times and are committed to helping you reduce costs and increase production.  We can't however provide solutions for all parts and we'll never hesitate to let you know if our services are not a good fit.


Our experienced team understands the importance of communication and will always strive to keep you informed and answer any questions you have throughout the process of producing your parts.

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