We have a range of materials at our disposal suitable for most applications ranging from Automotive to Medical. These next generation materials have excellent mechanical and thermal properties along with extremely high quality surface finish.


» High performance

» High impact resistance

» High modulus

» Excellent flexural, tensile and physical properties

xCE White/Black

» Automotive under hood and interior parts

» Serial production of small industrial parts

» Production of injection moulding inserts

» High temperature resistance


» Heat Deflection Temp of 230C

» High-temp end use parts

» Very high stiffness

» Tooling and moulding applications


» Exceptional surface finish

» Extremely high accuracy

» Ultrafast printing speed


» High impact resistance

» Excellent UV stability

» Ultrafast printing speed

» Excellent surface finish

» Consumer goods applications


» Biocompatible, medical and wearable devices, orthotics guides, braces, ventilator parts and respirators

» Personalized audio products

» Nasopharyngeal swabs

» Diving gear

» Athletic wearables